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Evexi software has been selected to partner Samsung in the launch and distribution of their new Kiosk product. Available as countertop, wall mounted or free standing the Samsung kiosk, in partnership with Evexi, will revolutionise your consumer's purchasing journey.

Evexi and Samsung

Leveraging Evexi's powerful digital signage product and integration with the Samsung kiosk we now offer an out-of-the-box solution to the QSR market, whilst Evexi's software flexibility makes it relevant to independents and global chains alike. What's more the kiosk is applicable to any number of business sectors where a customer selects, purchases and collects a product; from coffee to clothing.

Hardware Support

Evexi fully supports Samsung's latest Kiosk hardware, including the build-in peripherals, be it printer, QR and barcode scanner.

Multi-channel marketing

Use the kiosk as an advertising and marketing tool to upsell products when its inactive, “touch to engage” feature brings the kiosk back to life.

Integration to payment platforms

Out of the box integration to Square and Stripe. Quickly turn your kiosk into a new point of sale for you brand.

Open system to build Web Apps

Brands and integrators can leverage our open platform and build their own webapps, further extending their online services to Kiosks.

Templated solutions

Wanting to quickly roll out QSR, click & collect, donations solutions to your business, use our templates which can be modified to match your brand requirements.

Subscription based software

Whether you wish to pay monthly or annually for the software subscription, rest assured Evexi will always be running the latest software release, providing you peace of mind.

Kiosk on a stand
Kiosk on a wall
Wall mount
Kiosk on a wall
Quick Service Response appQuick Service Response app££££

Off the shelf apps

QSR (Quick Service Restaurant)

To ensure that the end user experience is as good as it can be, and for QSR's and other “click and collect” retailers to be certain that they are maximizing sales uplift via the kiosk, it is important to use all of your assets creatively and with impact.

Evexi built web apps are available to enable you to create a self-publishing market place, or template. Brand owners and retailers can manipulate logos, colours, product images, pricing and a host of other content so that the customer on-screen experience is second to none. Our templates are available through an easy-to-use SaaS model which can be paid for monthly.

Custom Branding

Whilst the Evexi templates are easy to use, cost effective and highly flexible, we appreciate that many brand owners use designers to create custom made branding.

In these cases we enable brand owners to build their own app using standard web technology which sits on top of the Evexi platform. We provide the necessary documentation and authority to do this easily so that the only additional costs you incur are in design and development time.

Payment Platforms

The Evexi kiosk solution integrates seamlessly with leading payment platforms including Square, Stripe, Moneyhub and OTI.

Having selected a purchase, we enhance the end-customer experience by ensuring that their payment process is simple and secure.

By integrating with leading payment providers, we offer an intuitive all-in-one payment and ordering system which provides the retailer with real-time sales and stock information.

Square terminal

Square has reliable hardware that integrates with various apps seamlessly. With fair and transparent pricing, you pay the same rate for every card, no long-term contracts or weird fees, with your money in your bank account as soon as the next business day. It's free to get started and if you want to also sell in person or online, Square can help take all kinds of payments quickly and securely with a variety of hardware and software.

Admin content

Evexi kiosk is the most cost-effective software available to you, enabling you to upsell products and enhance sales and margins.

Our renowned excellence in automating the simple, but time-consuming things, ensures that the remote management feature allows you to diagnose and resolve issues on deployed kiosks from any web-accessible device with ease. End-to-end encryption gives the kiosk owner and end consumer the greatest peace of mind that security is at the forefront of our product.

Evexi is an “in channel” software partner which sells through distribution, offering the benefits of supporting our partner network to leverage their relationship with the brand.

This unique partnership with Samsung, and our ability to seamlessly integrate with payment providers including Stripe and Square, is catapulting Evexi into the limelight and justifying our place at the leading edge of digital signage software development.